Skincare Plants at HOME !!!

If natural skin is your calling, then it’s time to make your own beauty standards rather than following the made-up standards. Simply ditch those fascinating jars that are filled with harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxic ingredients, parabens, silicones and so on. Get over those

false-claiming products that do nothing except hurting your pockets.

Wondering how can you take care of your skin like a princess without paying a princely sum of money? Well, you can open your own skin care store right at the backyard of your home or on your front porch. The skin care store that we are here talking about is nothing but a collection of a few choicest plants that can help you craft super-fresh skin potions.

To make it handy for you, we thought of putting together a list of our recommended plants for skin care that will assist you in your journey to a healthy and luminous skin.

Lavender – Most soothing of all!

This pink beauty helps your skin bloom like herself. Infused with a calming aura, lavender flowers are potent enough to heal wounds and grazes on skin. Besides, their flowers can be whipped up with creams or toners to enjoy a soothing sensation on your face. You can also consume it as a facial steam. Lavender essential oils work very well for Eczema prone skin & dry skin as well. A lot of people use steroid creams to help eczema wounds, this only further thins the skin. It is essential to include naturally extracted essential oils to treat skin conditions like eczema, wound healing. Lavender also acts as a natural ingredient for anti-ageing. Many organic skincare products are infused with Lavender essential oil. Lavender also helps in fighting acne prone skin.

2. Thyme: A herbal rhyme for your skin

Apart from being a delicious food seasoning, thyme is known to be the best herb for skincare. It’s acne-clearing action is thousand times safer and better than Benzoyl Peroxide. It can get you rid of those stubborn blemishes that annoy you every time you look into the mirror. It can be a great night serum for uneven skin type. Thyme is also a great ingredient for hair loss. If you are facing major hair loss use 2 drops of thyme essential oil add it with any of your favorite hair oil and massage it all over your scalp. Follow this routine resultson a regular basis to see best results.

3. A flush on your cheeks, as red as rosemary

Rosemary is as pleasant to your skin as to your nose. It is acclaimed for stimulating blood flow to the skin and protecting it from the sun damage. It helps your skin retain its elasticity which your skin tends to lose with age. Also, these scarlet red herbs are widely used in massage oils, hair shampoo and creams.

Rosemary can be used as a night serum as well for collagen booster. Essential oils should always be used in a small quantity as they are naturally extracted. Rosemary also helps in making hair growth stronger and longer. You can add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil into any of your favorite carrier oil. Use this regularly for best results.

4. Propose your skin with a bunch of elderflowers

Commonly used for adding delicate notes to toners, elderflowers thrive in the wild. The petals of elderflowers can help you settle your scores with the skin rivals such as freckles, age spots, scars and blemishes. Elderflowers consists of Vitamin A, B, C & E which naturally helps in firming skin, improves uneven skin tone. It works as a brilliant moisturizer for skin which further smoothens your skin & gives it a healthy glow. Elderlflowers certified organic products also majorly helps in relieving one from Eczema, Psoraisis & Acne.

5. German Chamomile: A drink for your skin

Most of you must have had a chance to meet this herbal warrior as a tea bag. Does it ring the bell? Oh, yes! Well, it’s time to think out of the cup now and familiarize yourself with the other side of it. It works as a natural hair lightener when mixed with a blob of hair conditioner, and applied on your hair. It calms dry and irritated skin, and thus treats dermatitis and eczema. And last but not the least, you can use chamomile tea bags to take off the puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Give it a shot, and we bet you’ll thank us forever. You can use chamomile essential oil to apply on eczema wounds which will help reduce the inflammation & help improve the skin condition. Chamomile is a beautiful active moisturizer

6. Aloe Vera: A magnet to attract moisture to your face

The benefits of aloe Vera juice for skin care are too many to mention. It is not just a plant in a pot, but a jackpot for your skin. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and scores of other good-for-your-skin elements that can add performance to your inactive skin cells. The uber-hydrating nature of it gives an instant dewy finish to your face. All you need to do is cut open the leaf, scoop out a sufficient amount of gel from it and pat it all over your face. Aloe Vera is a blessing for itchy skin, Helps heal wounds, helps reduce inflammation and can be used as a toner as well. Aloe Vera is the single plant which has various benefits. Aloe vera is famously used as a homemade toner for skin. Massaging aloe Vera daily on acne prone skin will help reduce acne and scars. Aloe is also used majorly for skin burns.

7. Calendula: The brightest one in the garden

We would genuinely fall short of words to narrate the flower power of Calendula. These bright looking flowers are supersaturated with carotenoids and flavonoids. From adding life to your parched lips to erasing the fine lines across your face, calendula is a blessing in disguise. You can use these flower heads by adding them in your bathtub, allowing your skin to soak in all the goodness out of them. Or mash it’s petals to make a paste which can later be smeared on the face.

8. Mint: A herbal doctor for pimples

We hate pimples on our face as much as we love dimples on our face. In your war with an army of pimples, mint leaves support you like a true warrior. Mint leaves contain salicyclic acid which helps in draining out excessive oil – one of the major causes of acne. Mash a few leaves into a smooth paste, mix it with honey, and you ‘re all set to witness the miracles of homemade skin care.

9. Sage, a natural multi tasker

Sage contains crazy amounts of Vitamin A and calcium, which are known to be skin re-generators. It regulates sebum production and thus prevents acne. From fighting free radicals to boosting collagen production, it is an all-rounder you must have in your skincare team. You can boil the leaves in water and use that water as a toner.

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