Morning Bar

Charcoal Bar

The charcoal Bar is one of a kind. It Helps smoothen & polish your skin by removing dead skin cells gently and even skin tone.Charcoal draws out dirt & oil from clogged pores. & gentlycleanses skin.The charcoal soap is safe to use on scalp, it helps reducedandruff & itchy scalp.

Day Cream

Mango Ghee

This moisturizer is readily absorbed under the facial skin, leaving the surface area hydrated, soft & nourished.Ghee On the other hand moisturizes, hydrates dry skin & slows down skin aging process.

Mango Ghee Moisturizer

Beard Oil

Bitter Almond oil

Bitter Almond oil will promote beard growth because of the protein, biotin and magnesium that is in it. These minerals help to encourage hair growth in areas where our body needs it.

The oil is able to be used in our beards without causing any allergic reaction to our face, body, or beard. This is due to the antimicrobial properties that are in it. These prevent and reduce bacteria and inflammation from the scalp which is usually the cause of our severe scalp issues, acne breakouts and much more.

As previously mentioned, almond oil is good for the scalp. It aids in treating the scalping to remove beard dandruff or more commonly called “beardruff”. It keeps the scalp pores clean by removing the dead cells that are clogging the pores and preventing moisture from getting into it. Thus, keeping your beard scalp beardruff FREE.