Korean Beauty – The Real Secret

No wonder Korean beauty products have taken over the millennial’s cabinets, bags and vanities. In fact, these days gossip queens are often heard talking vehemently about Korean Organic Skincare. If people around are praising it to the skies, there are definitely foolproof reasons attached to it. Well, those of you who have been skeptical about it so far, let us enlighten you with the fact that Korean products are the latest and greatest skincare innovations ever and have garnered a loyal fan base in no time.

Of hundreds and thousands of other professional skin care lines, what’s that x-factor that separates Korean skincare brands from the rest?
First, they target at enhancing the health of your skin’s microbiome, which most of the other skincare industries haven’t explored yet. By the skin’s microbiome, we mean the array of bacteria and other healthy microbes that dwell on the surface of your skin.

Second, they aim at obtaining healthy skin with a fewer products and not-so-lengthy skincare routine. Their products are often two-in-one. For instance, the toner-moisturizer hybrid which combines both toner and moisturizer into one, trimming off your two-step into one.

Third, they don’t advocate animal testing at all, and are into developing environment-friendly products only. However, these days most of the skincare brands have hit ‘reboot’ and decided to make a sustainable switch to clean and cruelty-free products. But Korean Skincare has been practising sustainable skin care for years now.

Fourth, Korean brands target botanic skin care and enrich their products with derivatives of plants – Green Tea, Licorice Root extracts, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Centella Asiatica, Artemisia and so on. Plant-based ingredients have anyway been gaining ground fast and making way into jars and tubes these days.

Fifth, we all belong to a globally-warmed planet with every city seems to be competing with each other when it comes to air pollution. None less than others! Our skin is facing the brunt of it without a shadow of doubt. Air pollutants have accelerated a lot of negative changes in our skin. Wrinkles, saggy skin, pigmentation, dark spots, dermatitis, acne, etc. are just a few to get a mention here. Korean Skin Products are designed keeping the universal problem of air pollution in focus. Their products help to eliminate air impurities from your skin, thereby protecting it.

Sixth, Korean products have introduced the world to the new jargon of ‘Cream Skin’. It’s like most of you are moving in the direction of ‘Glass Skin’, and ‘Cream Skin’ suddenly drops as a bomb. What exactly is ‘Cream Skin’? Theoretically speaking, Cream Skin upholds the idea of little less shiny skin which doesn’t look like a ‘mission impossible’ in the fast-moving era.

Korean Skincare Products are known for their weirdest ingredients that benefit your skin in the most bewildering ways. Below covered are a few most-celebrated ingredients to perk up your skincare routine.

1. Propolis: Another wondrous gift from bees apart from honey

Those teeny-tiny bees are already admired for their honey-giving nature. But most of you haven’t heard of Propolis which is again secreted by bees. So here’s an exciting tale of Propolis. Produced by bees to strengthen their beehive, Propolis is possessed with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. From tackling acne issues to increasing collagen production, Propolis is one of the widely used organic skincare ingredients in Korean products.

In the Korean skincare community, COSRX is on every woman’s lips. You must try their new toner: Propolis Synergy Toner. As the name suggests, the star ingredient in this toner is black bee Propolis. Apart from that, it also contains your all-time favourite: Honey. Owing to its non-sticky characteristics, the toner quickly absorbs into your skin.

2. Arbutin: A perfect bet for pigmented skin

Extracted from plants such as blueberry, wheat, bearberry, etc., Arbutin inactivates the enzymes of the melanin-producing cells and saves your skin from uneven tone, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. It also helps you hit ‘undo’ reversing sun damages on the skin. Next time you’re buying a product for yourself, do look for this advantageous ingredient.
A brand that most of the Miss are in relationship with is The Ordinary. It’s ‘Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA’ serum penetrates deep into the skin to reduce melanin overproduction. Apply it every AM and PM to see the miracles of this pigmentation hero.

3. Fermented Rice Water: The ultimate pore care ingredient

Dear and near to the heart of every Korean woman is Fermented Rice Water. This wonderful ingredient has been a part of their skin care ritual since ages. However, the rest of the world was stranger to it until Korean Products started making the noise. It helps to arrest enlarged pores that are hated for their skin crimes like acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Also, it restricts sagginess and wrinkles, never letting you grow old by your skin. That is why it is one of the most popular ingredients of skincare products manufactured in Korea.

You all must be familiar with the South-Korean brand, The Face Shop. The brand has won the heart of millions across the globe with their skincare goodies. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Oil acts as the first step of double cleansing (Almost every Koreans are into double-cleansing). It melts stubborn makeup easily and free your face from oil-based impurities. Apply it to dry skin in a circular motion and rinse your face with lukewarm water.

4. Birch Juice: For brighter and fresher mornings

While it’s one of the common and most-loved drinks in Russia, Korea fell in love with it’s different side. The fact that it is a storehouse of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and proteins shot it to cosmetic stardom in Korea and slowly in other parts of the world too. It helps to battle redness and inflammation of the skin. Also applauded as a skin quencher, it hydrates your skin with an adequate amount of moisture.
COSRX oil-free ultra-moisturizing lotion is the perfect moisturizer to drench your skin with moisture. Birch sap makes up 70% of the ingredients in it. It’s non-greasy finish and feather-light texture is best-suited for oily and combination skin. You can use it at the crack of dawn and at night when you really start to yawn.

5. Brown Sugar: Sugarcoat your skin just like you sugarcoat your words

With dead cells inhabiting on your skin, you can never enjoy freedom from breakouts or acne. Hence, don’t let those dead skin cells rest on the surface of your face in peace. Slide it off using a potent exfoliating agent. Used as itsy-bitsy granules, Brown Sugar is lauded for it’s great exfoliating action.
Nature Republic Real Fresh Brown Sugar Facial Scrub Mask reveals a clear, glowing skin in a matter of minutes. Lauded immensely for it’s skin exfoliating ability, this exclusive scrub from Nature Republic will benefit your skin in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.

6. Cactus: The prickly plant that doesn’t hurt you anymore

Who would have hoped so high from a plant as spiny as cactus? As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This desert plant isn’t deserted anymore and is enjoying a special status in Korean Beauty Industries for all good reasons. Cactus oil plays a role in binding moisture to the skin; the best part being its non-greasy and light character, sinking deep into your skin. Moreover, it’s an effective antioxidant that offers anti-ageing benefits.

Rejuvenate your skin with TonyMoly’s I’m Real Cactus Mask Sheet. The 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with natural cactus extracts to deliver maximum hydration to your skin. They say there’s no magic wand to transform your skin. However, this mask, we bet, can shower your tired skin with an instantaneous glow in as little as twenty minutes.

7. Snail Mucin: A perfect skin pleaser and an insane hydrator

The idea of applying snail mucin on the face may sound off-putting to many. But it’s one of the highly hyped ingredients in K-beauty products and it’s totally worth all the buzz. The mighty snail secretes a liquid called snail mucin that helps regenerate skin cells. In fact, it is naturally repairing, hydrating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing. What a multi-tasker! Plus, you can apply it without having to worry about your skin getting oily. Your skin cells will gulp it down in seconds.

As soon as you bring your skin in contact with TonyMoly’s Timeless Ferment Snail Cream, you get over with all your jittery feelings you earlier had for snail mucin. Infused with a pleasant citrusy smell, this fabulous goodie is a treasure of skin-loving nutrients.Tonymoly is dubbed as the world best skin care brand and their products are 100% reliable. So don’t hesitate to try it. And yes, superior hydration and youthful radiance are guaranteed on it.

8. Bamboo Extract: A bestie your skin deserves

The healing properties of Bamboo are noteworthy. Hence, it deserves a title – Your skin’s mechanic. A natural nutrient called silica in it is one of the core components of collagen. It functions as a collagen supplier and strengthens the cell network of your skin. Moreover, its expertise in moisture management never lets your skin feel dehydrated too. Bamboo extract is indeed one of the best plants for skincare.

A sheer blessing for acne-prone skin, Dr. Oracle A-Thera Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that contains this prized ingredient called Bamboo. Bamboo extracts in it help your face to do away with acne and scars. Definitely recommended for anyone struggling with acne!

Your good-skin days are just around the corner. Just get the right products that do the right things, and of course, use them in the right order.

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