Morning Bar

Saffron Milk Bar

It is nutrient-dense and a powerful antioxidant. Saffron helps to get a toned, healthy and glowing skin, is known to unclog skin pores, fight acne, fade age spots and keep skin firm by improving circulation

Day Cream

Mango Ghee

This moisturizer is readily absorbed under the facial skin, leaving the surface area hydrated, soft & nourished. Ghee On the other hand moisturizes, hydrates dry skin & slows down skin aging process.

Mango Ghee Moisturizer
goat milk

Night Bar

Almond Milk Bar

Almond milk contains vitamins B6. C & E, zinc, Calcium, Magnesium etc. All with numerous beauty benefits. Almond milk is known to soothe sensitive skin & helps you treat redness & skin irritation. Almond milk rejuvenates and refreshes the skin and keeps it soft and glowing.It is also full of antioxidants that prevent wrinkles and fine lines and protect our skin against free radicals.Almond milk gently cleanses the skin and makes it smooth and nourished.It naturally moisturizes dry skin and keeps dehydrated skin under control.Almond milk has skin lightening properties. You can use it to fade acne marks, aging spots and other skin discolorations.

Bed Time Oil

Bitter Almond Oil

Bitter Almond Oil properties extend to its topical application to skin and hair. It contains oleic acid, a type of mono saturated acid, plus omega-9 fatty acid giving it potent moisturizing properties. Since it is easily absorbed, it is able to deliver its high nutritional content deep within layers of the dermis to powerfully heal and nourish skin. It is rich in vitamin E, giving it the ability to fight off free radicals and reverse signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

Almond Oil


Koline Clay

Kaolin clay is known for its versatile nature and can be used safely on all skin types. Kaolin clay is very mild in nature, its beneficial for those with dry & sensitive skin. Kaolin clay is an excellent facial cleanser. It helps in detoxifying & clearing pores. Absorbs excess oil & soothes skin. Kaolin clay helps in fighting acne. Its helps in exfoliating skin. Kaolin clay can be used to cleanse hair as well. It benefits dry & brittle hair without removing its natural oils. Kaolin clay has exfoliationg & deep cleansing properties which makes it an excellent toner

Lip Balm

Pomegranate Seed Oil Lip Balm

Packed with solid ingredients which will keep your lips healthy & hydrated, Pomegranate seed oil helps heal chapped lips, with a combination of Ghee that hydrates your lips & makes It soft. Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture, making it a great ingredient for dry, chapped lips. Protects lips from UV rays.