About Us

In a time where everything works thru technology we wanted to stick to the roots of creating essential skincare products using raw, natural & organic ingredients that does not only benefit you're skin but gives you a sustainable solution towards a long term commitment. we created these products keeping in mind what are the concerns that modern women today face & what are the best solution that can be provided in the most cleanest form. Our soap bars are hand crafted & cured

Like every small business faniac, I had always wished & dreamt to start my own skincare line. With an overall 7 years of experience in working with various beauty brands across the region & having a deeper connection with skin issues, concerns it only made sense to have brand that catered to those niches.

We were born to create an impact. To given all types of women a skincare that is close to their heart. A brand that they connect & relate to. We are not Fancy , we are just Organic in Nature!

Our brand mission are very simple

Non toxic, Chemical free formula

Easy solution – 1 step solution

Affordable products – Organic skincare should not be expensive (We are here to BUST THE MYTH)

Non Toxic, Chemical Free Formula


What is very important to us are the formulations that we create, the products & raw materials that we source from across the world to make sure the product remain of A Grade quality.

All the ingredients that we are chose at Zaira Organic Skincare are edible in nature. We make sure that each variant are responsibly sourced & products are created in a clean, hygienic unit with all necessary safety guidelines

Easy Solution – 1 Step Solution

Skincare can look extremely tiring to users where they have to go through 10 different products, with 10 different steps.

We want to make your life easy, which means at Zaira Organic Skincare we don’t only promise a healthy, glowing skin but we also assure you that you don’t have to waste an hour in front of the mirror.

Our cleanser bars can be used for face & Body, you can moisturize your skin with our natural Oils & you are ready to face the world like a #Boss!


It is not necessary that everything organic has to be Expensive! That’s not true, we made sure that our products were priced in a way that every individual could get their hands on it & enjoy the benefits.

We are not here to build a billion dollar empire in a span of 6 months, we want customers who are with us from the day of inception & see us grow with variants that cater to each and every skin. I started this journey for my daughter and what would be my goal is to see every mum choose Zaira Organic Skincare for their children!

We want Zaira Organic Skincare to be your first choice when it comes organic, sustainable, vegan, cruelty free skincare.

Why Zaira

So how did the brand Zaira came into existence? I have had Eczema from the past 3 years – it only got worse post pregnancy and has been that way ever since. I have been to over 10 doctors in Dubai & India, all of them suggested anti allergens, tropical steroids & that’s it! There is really no cure but did you know that steroids could lead to thin skinning in the long run. I used to try various types of chemical free products, creams suggested by doctors.

I reached a point where my hands would always have cuts & bruises. The wounds wouldn’t heal as soon as it naturally should. I couldn’t even feed or bathe my own daughter!

What terrified me more was seeing my daughter slowly develop dry patches. That’s it, that probably was my breaking point, I started exploring oils, organic ingredients, did my research, did my experiments & came up with these very incredible formulations.

There was no looking back after I saw a huge improvement in my daughters’ skin. Therefore, the brand is also named after her! Doesn’t it totally make sense?

She led my path to Zaira Organic Skincare & there is so much we want to offer our customers.