3 Organic Soaps Everyone’s Buying!!!

Organic soaps are a real treat for skincare lovers. They are the best form of treat or a gift that can be given to a loved one!

After learning what most women struggle with, here are few bars/ingredients they absolutely love to have

1. Charcoal

I was a bit scared before launching this variant bar but I was surprised with the love that i received!

Charcoal is an absolute fav for so many women & MEN!!

The deep cleansing property makes this soap a winner for many skin types. HOWEVER, charcoal must be mixed with a different variant that helps calm the skin down gently as Charcoal in itself is a very harsh ingredient.

Our bar comes with a blend of ALOE VERA, TEA TREE & EUCALYPTUS which makes it a cleanser bar & a treatment bar!

2. Avocado

Avocado has some dead serious lovers! I remember a client tell me, I have always enjoyed eating avocado & now I love the idea of bathing with Avocado! haha! well avocado is well known Powder food, whether it’s the soap bar, or the natural oil or even the actual fruit, avocado has really strong hydrating properties.

Avocado is a fruit for the body & soul! A few benefits of avocado are it helps in soothing skin conditions as the vitamins found it in helps in skin repair & improves chronic conditions like eczema & acne. It prevents in skin damage. Improves skin elasticity & reduces visible fine lines. Minimizes skin breakouts & most importantly it hydrates dry skin.

3. Rice Water

Believe me or not we created this bar thinking majorly on the properties and how to bring this trend into your hands as a cleanser. As we have been seeing several tiktoks & tutorials surfacing online who would have thought that this bar would go out of stock the day I launched it!

Rice water bar is made out of rice milk, bran rice oil with a pinch of patchouli & lavender essential oil. The benefits of this bar are that it helps skin that have hyper pigmetation, discolortion, uneven skin tone, patches or even scars. The bar is known to lighten the skin provide nourishment to the skin. Unlike other heavier oils, Rice Bran Oil is light and penetrates easily, so it can reach deeply to deliver all of the vitamin goodies without clogging your pores. Rice milk is also ideally used to calm down inflammatory allergies. We added African Shea Butter to make sure that the bar hydrates your dry skin while working deeply to give you that natural glow your skin has been missing

You can shop our products from our store now: https://www.zairaorganic.com/product-page/rice-water

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